The course is designed to provide students with information on selected conditions affecting the musculoskeletal, metabolic, endocrine, neurologic and cardiovascular systems. The course will cover the related anatomy and physiology, diagnostic procedures, nursing management of the disorders utilizing the nursing process and preventive measures of the selected conditions.

Course Title:     Research Methodology II

Placement:        Second Year, Second Semester

Duration:           30 Hours (15 Hours – Lecture; 15 Hours- Tutorial)

Credit Unit:        2


This course is designed to equip the students with the knowledge and skills to carry out independent nursing research as well as develop interest in dissemination of research findings.

Course Objectives

At the end of this course, the student should be able to:

1.      Discuss research design and data collection methods.

2.      Demonstrate an understanding of basic data analysis and its presentation.

3.      Utilize theoretical knowledge acquired to initiate, implement and write a research project in a relevant area of nursing.

4. Develop interest in disseminating research results.

This Course is designed to equip the student with the knowledge and skills in basic nursing procedures, aseptic techniques, injection safety and legal aspects of Nursing.